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The Hype Over The Apple iPhone - Why The Hype Over The iPhone? The Hype Over The Apple iPhone - Why The Hype Over The iPhone? by Carmen Vj

There are millions of Apple devoted consumers just waiting on the side lines for this baby to arrive. The Apple iPhone will easily penetrate the high end mobile cell phone market.

Can you believe the buzz and the rage going on about the Apple iPhone? It looks like Apple has done it again folks. This iPhone is going to be hot. You think so? We will see. I am a believer.

84% of teenagers have already indicated that they will be buying a iPhone. This of course will be billed to their parent's credit cards. $499 or $599 for the Apple iPhone.

This is iPhone that can download content that you can have anytime, anywhere on the fly. Convenience. That is what we like. Save all your bookmarks on your iPhone. With your iphone, get on the internet and zoom in on your content easily.

Worried about the iPod becoming extinct? The way Apple has set up the iPhone, I don't think so. For example if you have a 20GB music collection, it is not going to fit on your iPhone. iPods have 20GB or more capacity to download larger quantities of your music, cds, etc..With that said, you will still be able to enjoy music on your iPhone.

The talk going on right now is, every phone customer will need to sign a two year contract with Cingular(Now AT & T). You will definitely need to switch to Cingular from your other mobile services if you want the Apple iPhone.

It is more than likely in the future that the Apple iPhone price will go down from the $499 and $599 price it is now. I am quite sure if Apple decides to go down this price, it will not be that low. Apple does want to keep the ambiance of selling a classy high priced phone.

Watch out for this tidal wave. This Apple iPhone may give the greenlight to other manufacturers to start sell consumers many pricier mobile cell phones. These manufacturers may have to just that in order to compete with Apple. A demand will be created here. Make sure you are watching the market on this one. Could this be a positive or negative here. We will see. Time will there. You should understand now why the hype over the Apple iphone. Anticipation is making me wait.

About The Author: Carmen Vj has a few tips available when it comes to buying a apple iphone. Many more resources and keeping you up to date about the Apple iPhone is available as always.
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