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10 Features That Make Apple Iphone An Object Of Desire 10 Features That Make Apple Iphone An Object Of Desire by Andrew Bermam

Gadget gurus and people passionate about style statements waited with bated breath for the unveiling of the Apple iPhone. It went on sale in the US on June 29th and phew over 700,000 phones were sold! People went sleepless, booked phones in advance and waited by their phones for the call saying ?come get your Apple iPhone.? The whole world is a Buzz about the Apple iPhone.

Why is the Apple iPhone an object of desire:

1. It acts like your soul mate. You can check e-mail on the go and the mails are clearly displayed in a user friendly way.
2. The Apple iPhone enables users to check weather anywhere, keep track of sports scores, which means you never will miss a single baseball game even when on a trip.
3. It?s an entertainment center there is music for the asking as well as You Tube videos.
4. The battery lasts long and does not die quickly.
5. The Apple iPhone is user friendly which means you don?t have to check with an expert or manual to find out how to check mail or message.
6. The five-ounce device is a joy to use with its advance graphics and friendly interface. The manual is redundant for the Apple iPhone.
7. Slim, shiny and stylish the Apple iPhone has just a single button on the front that returns the user to the menu.
8. The controls are minimal just a sleep/awake switch at the top and a volume switch on the side. All other functions are ?touch screen? you don?t need a stylus or pen just your finger tips.
9. The Apple iPhone can be connected to a computer with an iTunes library and the automatic sync function does the needful. It will transfer songs, videos, and movies on I Tunes along with photos, contact diary, and calendar.
10. The Apple iPhone functions like a handheld computer and can copy and store your e-mail address book and import information from your PC.

The Apple iPhone is a dream come true gadget a user can sign up for a phone service through the iTunes store. At&T standard plans can be used costing USD60, USD 80, or USD 100 a month. All plans offer unlimited email and internet use. The Apple iphone takes care of every possibility unless you swipe an unlock the iPhone will remain dormant and not get active by mistake and call random numbers and run by a bill.

When conceptualizing the iPhone Apple has puts itself in the shoes of an end user. So the Apple iPhone uses cutting edge technology, has a slick design, and friendly software so that people can actually use advance features without tearing their hair out in frustration.

The Apple iPhone is being purchased faster than Apple can reach phones to stores! It is Apple iPhone mania all the way.

About Author : Andrew Bermam is a freelance writer for Online Discussion , the premier REVENUE SHARING discussion forum for Cell Phone including topics on iPhone including topics on apple iphone, iphone reviews, iphone accessories, iphone cost, iphone features and more. His article profile can be found at the premier Mobile Cell Phone Article Submission Directory Site.

Article Source: ActiveAuthors.com