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8 Solid Reasons Why The Apple Iphone Is More Like A Hand Held Computer 8 Solid Reasons Why The Apple Iphone Is More Like A Hand Held Computer by Andrew Bermam

Its computing that runs our lives at home, in the office and on the go! And so personal technology as its known is evolving and the simple phone is now turning into the smart phone. Most mobiles are now handheld computers as they mimic many functions of a pc or laptop.

The Apple iPhone has changed the way smart phones function. It takes mobile technology to a new platform. According to Mossberg and Boehret, ?despite a few flaws and feature omissions the iPhone is on balance and a beautiful breakthrough in hand held computers.?

The Apple iPhone is many things to many people. To some a style/status statement while to others its technology at its best. It?s a phone, handheld computer, and entertainment device and what is more its user friendly.

The Apple iPhone has many pluses:

1. The finger touch interface sets new bars in mobile phone technology. The iPhone needs no stylus, has few buttons, and it?s easy to use.
2. Apple iPhone makes technology exciting. The voice calling function enables user to speak a name and call people.
3. The iPhone is not just a phone it is an iPod too! There is music and video play back. A beautiful new interface for music videos and clips, and the phone can connect to the computer?s iTunes and transfer files.
4. The Web browser and email software are comprehensive and works smoothly with Windows as well as Mac. The system uses iTunes software.
5. Internal memory fulfills any needs and the high-resolution screen is large by any standards. The phone is slim and weighs just a few ounces.
6. The key board is virtual and enables easy typing. The iPhone has a smart software that even corrects errors as the message is being typed.
7. The phone can be used as a mobile and a computer as it has email facilities with access to the email address book stored on your laptop or computer, web browsing, and more.
8. The iPhone can also use Wi-Fi networks and this makes browsing fast and a pleasure. The only hitch is the cellular data network and AT & T coverage.

The hardware is out of the world. The Apple iPhone is slim, thin, and has a clear 3.5 inch display made of sturdy durable glass. The multi-touch interface is effective and efficient. The phone comes in tow versions one costing USD 499 with four gigabytes of memory and USD 599 with eight giga bytes. On an average an iPhone can store over 1200 songs, around 20 videos, over 100 photos and emails and still have space left over.

Now if that does not qualify for an object of desire nothing else can. The Apple iPhone is satisfying most if not all expectations.

About Author : Andrew Bermam is a freelance writer for Forum cell-phones , the premier website to find help on iPhone including topics on apple iphone, iphone reviewsm, iphone accessories, iphone cost, iphone features and more. He also freelances for the premier Computer Free Articles Site.

Article Source: ActiveAuthors.com